…and then some..

We took a trip to Eastern Finland. We are staying in a cottage by a lake.  Too bad the weather is not good for us, it has been a really chilly summer 😦

IMG_9019.JPGBut the views are gorgeous! You can really rest your soul here. The only noise is from the swans at the lake (they have 4 babies) and the wind bells at the porch.

Lots of fun things to do for the kids, we went rowing, fishing, built little boats from wood. Hunted down forest animals like frogs and other insects. They haven’t even asked for an ipad or tv. Perhaps later a proper sauna experience in wood heated sauna. The only proper sauna. Yesterday I was told that there are many types of “sauna” out there outside Finland. If you don’t trow water on to the sauna stove- it is not a sauna! And the temperature is above 80 celcius, always.


Some journaling and planner time for mamma, too. In my last post I was talking about the many many beautiful planning systems there are. I wish you could use all of them! At times this can be a little overwhelming.. but then again, your needs might chance, and we all change a little when we get older. And wiser 🙂 I also have a Hobonichi A5. Don’t you just love the paper quality! You can use all sorts of media on it. I love the way the paper gets a little crinkly when it gets wet. I started Jul-Dec book now and I have high hopes to keep journaling daily until December. My Traveller’s notebook and the Hobonichi will compete, which one will I grab daily? Maybe both? These are dilemmas only true planner addicts and planner enthusiasts will understand. Are you one of us? 🙂


What do you use to organize your daily to-do’ s and appointments? I have had a long relationship with Filofax (and other ring-system planners, I keep referring them as Filofax). I have a small collection of Filofaxes and I used to swap them from time to time. You  know, keep the inserts but change the covers. Fun! What is great about the rings is that you can add and remove papers as you wish. If the rings get in the way when you are writing, just make small slits to the paper where the holes are, that way you can remove the paper without opening the rings and write easily on the backside too.  I’ve always had a “problem” deciding what are notes and what are lists? How crazy is that?? Filofax comes with divers so you can section your papers accordingly. I’m giving Filofax another go and I’ll throw all the lists and notes in the same section. Will that solve my “problem”? 🙂 we’ll see!

My Filofax Malden in Ochre ❤️


Have a good day! -Outi


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