Colour knitting / kirjoneule


This colour knitting was done AGES ago. Fashion trends were a bit different back then and I think I wasn’t so concentrated on the size of the jumper 🙂 it’s huge! However, I can’t see myself just trowing it away.. Last week I had an idea .. Maybe I could make it smaller? The thought about cutting a knit sounds so terrifying! I found a blog where a lady explained how she cut her knitted top. I’m going to tackle this next weekend, wish me luck!

TĂ€mĂ€ kirjoneule on kulkenut mukana jo vuosiakausia, en raaski heittÀÀ sitĂ€ poiskaan. TĂ€mĂ€ on ensimmĂ€isiĂ€ isompia kirjoneuletöitĂ€, keskityin niin kuvioihin enkĂ€ kokoon, ihan hirveĂ€n iso tuli 🙂 En ole vielĂ€ ehtinyt yrittÀÀ kaventaa, vaatii uskallusta 🙂

Yarn: Novita 7-veljestÀ

A5 Family planner

imageThis is my A5 size Filofax Finsbury, yes, another Finsbury. This colour is so lovely! In this beautiful planner I keep everything relating to our family; day care notes, my husbands work trip timetables, financial (bills) things and plans regarding our house, such as home project planning.

I have accomplished SO much with the help of a planner. In Finnish we have a saying ” hyvin suunniteltu on puoliksi tehty” free translation goes something like: well planned is half done 🙂

BUT fist, coffee! I love the Swedish brand coffee “Löfbergs Lila”. Bought it once just because the colour of the package was beautiful – purple. Little did I know the contents was delicious!  This site is very ispirtional! Every planner lover should take a look.

Filofax Finsbury – my edc

imageThis is my Filofax Finsbury (sadly, this colour is discontinued) that holds my monthly and weekly pages and many notes. I use different pens, inks, stamps, washi tape and stickers to liven up the pages. A colourful to-do list is much more appealing than a plain one. Also the fact that I write things down makes me remember things better.

I also have another Finsbury, in antique rose colour. I do love the Finsbury, it is a very structured planner. You could easily take notes while standing, for example.

Suomestakin löytyy kalenteriharrastajia! TĂ€ssĂ€ mun Filofax, yksi niistĂ€.. Filofax  on kalenterimerkki, 6-renkainen kansi, joko nahkaa tai muuta materiaalia. SisĂ€llöt voit ostaa itse, tai tehdĂ€ itse – askartelua parhaimmillaan! Suomessa myytĂ€vĂ€t Timex-sivut sopivat nĂ€ihin myös. MinĂ€ tarvitsen paperia ja kynÀÀ, jotta muistan asiat. Enkö kĂ€ytĂ€ puhelintani? Joo, soitan, tekstaan ja surffaan netissĂ€ ym mutta kenteriasiassa olen vanhanaikainen 🙂 Olen huomannut, ettĂ€ kun kalenterisivuista tekee kauniit, hankalatkin asiat tulevat tehdyksi! MistĂ€ lie johtuu. Kun kirjoitan itselleni “to-do”-tehtĂ€vĂ€listan, tuntuu kun joku muu olisi tehnyt sen ja se on tehtĂ€vĂ€! Asiat on niin helppo siirtÀÀ: “nooh, mĂ€ teen tĂ€n huomenna”. Kalenterin kaunistamiseen kĂ€ytĂ€n skrĂ€ppipaperia, washi-teippiĂ€, tarroja, post-it note -paperia, leimasimia jne. Jotain on SinellistĂ€kin löytĂ€nyt.  Postaan pian kuvia nĂ€istĂ€ tuotteista.

Summer knitting

This past summer was “a little” chilly over here in Finland so I ended up knitting a few things. This grey one is 75% wool. Do you feel a bit empty when you finish a project? I enjoy so much of the actual knitting process that I feel a bit empty when I’m putting the parts together. Actually, when I’m nearly done I’m already planning the next knitting project 🙂 Do you feel the same?

IMG_0414    IMG_1421 (2)

The light green cotton jumper is a winner! The instructions are from another blog (Kalastajan vaimo) and this was not easy. The pattern is from a sock, so some modifications were needed. One more older project is still to be finished. I will not start another until I’ve finished them all! I promise 🙂

Hello world!

My name is Outi (pronounce “oaty” 🙂 ) I live in southern Finland with my husband and two children, twins aged 4. I work in an operating department as an anesthesia nurse. On this blog I will cover topics that are close to my heart, my hobbies, family life and so on. There is a whole world out there regarding planners and keeping a planner/diary/calendar in a fun way. As far as I have noticed during my two-year- planner journey, there aren’t many “planner addicts” in Finland. I am a planner addict 🙂

Heippa! Perustin tĂ€mĂ€n blogin erittĂ€in pitkĂ€n pohdinnan jĂ€lkeen. Luulen, ettĂ€ postaan tĂ€nne asioita joita rakastan, harrastuksista ja ihan arkisista asioista. Rakastan neulomista, se on aina kulkenut mukana. Uudempi harrastukseni on kalenterin “pito” – ei ole oikein toimivaa sanaa Suomeksi. Ostin ensimmĂ€isen Filofax – kalenterin Englannissa 2001. Voi kun olisin jo silloin keksinyt mitĂ€ kaikkea siistiĂ€ sillĂ€ voi tehdĂ€ 🙂 Jos kiinnostuit, kannattaa poiketa blogissani 😉