New every day carry..

Sooo, it’s been so long since my last post! Dear oh dear! There was Christmas and the New Year. How has the new year started for you? Hope all is well.

I have had some planner issues. There are so many different kinds of planners or planning systems out there. There is the Midori Traveller’s Notebook, the Filofax and other ring bound planners, the Hobonitchi to name but a few. I encountered ‘planxity’ (new word that I learned from IG 🙂 at the start of the year. What to use?? Which to take with me everyday (every day carry).  I wanted to use them all !! But.. It had to be such that it would fit into my smaller handbags. I didnt’t really find nice inserts for my pocket size Filofax. Theeeen, I discovered the Field Notes…

Enter a caption



I saw this in a youtube video and was instantly intrigued!! The grid is nice’n light, it’s rather thin and just very suitable. I had previously purchased a FoxyFix pocket size cover and the Field notes fit perfectly. I made some covers from scrapbook paper and laminated. They   work as covers and it’s a great place to keep your post it notes!

I added two pocket size Midori credit card inserst and voíla, I now have a wallet as well. It’s so light and portable. I still use my personal sized Malden in ochre but I often keep that at home. Planner problems  solved, right? 😬





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