Planner tools

Even the longest to-list or a tough week ahead can be made just a little bit fun and appealing, perhaps. Making your planner spiced up with something You like to look at may make you open your organiser again again and alas, stay on top of things. I remenber things better if I write them down (with pen and paper!). Sometimes I feel guilty for not accomplishing something on my list, as if someone else wrote it!

These are some of the items I use often:

image.jpegWashi tape. This is not all 🙈 (Hiding my head in a pillow)


Acrylic diary stamps and regular wooden stamps. The acrylic stamps require a stamping block.


A few examples of inks. All bought locally in Finland. There are different types of inks available, some absorb into the paper and some stay on the surface. Thickness of the paper plays a big role here too. But, have you seen the Hobonichi paper? Super thin and takes many kinds of inks!!


2 thoughts on “Planner tools

    1., ebay … Valitettavsti Aasiasta saa edullisesti. Ei Suomen hinnoilla olisi varaa näihin.
      Ja washiahan voi käyttää vaikka mihin! Lahjapaketteihin, kortteihin ym. Merkaa washilla mikä piuha kuuluu mihinkin koneeseen 🙂 tietyllä tussilla siihen voi kirjoittaa myös.


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