A5 Family planner

imageThis is my A5 size Filofax Finsbury, yes, another Finsbury. This colour is so lovely! In this beautiful planner I keep everything relating to our family; day care notes, my husbands work trip timetables, financial (bills) things and plans regarding our house, such as home project planning.

I have accomplished SO much with the help of a planner. In Finnish we have a saying ” hyvin suunniteltu on puoliksi tehty” free translation goes something like: well planned is half done 🙂

BUT fist, coffee! I love the Swedish brand coffee “Löfbergs Lila”. Bought it once just because the colour of the package was beautiful – purple. Little did I know the contents was delicious!

http://philofaxy.blogspot.fi/?m=1  This site is very ispirtional! Every planner lover should take a look.