The current situation

Hello there! It has been a long while since my last post. Life happened, I suppose πŸ™‚ With work and my two 6-year-olds to look after, time is limited. But now it’s summer holiday and nothing but time, I thought I’d write a post. Hopefully this will become a habit.

My analogue life has evolved quite a lot from the last posts. My Filofaxes have been used only a little and other systems have replaced the rings. May 2016 I tried bullet journaling. I bought a blank large Moleskine, watched many YouTube videos of this system and had a go. Well, it lasted ca. 2 months :/ Don’t really know why.. because I’m not artistic enough? I’m not good at drawing and for the most part I’m not super keen on my handwriting. Even though you do not need to draw or decorate in any way if you don’t want to.

Then there is the Traveller’s Notebook (the original, there’s something special about the original). I just LOVE setting up a planner/planning system. But, the question is, will you use it? I’ve always wondered what the “it didn’t work for me” -sentence meant? Well, it means that even though the system you’ve built for yourself seems perfect, you just don’t use it! You don’t grab that book of yours and write down to-do’s and to-go’s. YouTube is really bad.. there’s so many ideas out there, it’s unbelievable! Once I was there.. happened to watch “bullet journal hacks” by Addicted to planning. Oh dear! She had some amazing, practical ideas that I immediately grabbed my old Moleskine and tried again. This was late December 2016. You know what? I’m still using it!! 7th month πŸ˜€ I’m so proud of myself. I’m not so worried about making a mess (I have!) and I like the Pigma Microns, my handwriting is satisfactory with them. The bullet journal is for my to-do’, appointments and important notes etc.

The Traveller’s notebook.. it’s mainly for journaling, writing down funny things the kids have said and done. I want to journal because I want to remember.. I want to remember the little things in life. I’ve even used some watercolour and acrylic paints on my pages! And washi tape, of course. Β Just to add a pop of colour. And sometimes a picture tells a thousand words, I quite often add pictures printed from my phone.

Sometimes the old love for the Filofax (meaning ring-system planners) raises it’s head. I have learnt from myself that I like to use inserts made by me.. well, can’t take all the credit, I’ve used ideas I’ve seen and tweaked them further to fit my needs. I’ve recently used Excell a lot πŸ™‚ – making my own ring-planner inserts. Just because it’s fun.