My planner journey

Why use a planner? Why did I started to use one? Here’s my story.

I’ve always been into organising and keeping things tidy and so on. I met my husband in 2006. We moved into our house a few years later. Just dumped our stuff into the rooms and closets and not really having time to organise them. That takes time and planning – where to store what and how. We were now 4 people (his sons included). A few years went by and somehow stuff accumulated in our small house. Then we had twins! and NO TIME for anything extra. In my hormone bursts I nearly cried about the mess and the feeling that your not in control of the surroundings. Nobody found what they were looking for because things did not have a proper place and there was just too-much-stuff. Every day all of us said: “Have you seen my….?”  Where to start in a “chaotic” situation?

One day, back in 2013, I remember googling about organising, how to organise your life and so on. I stumbled on to this lady’s blog where she also had links to her you tube pages. I was so intrigued! I could sense that I had found something that was so ME!!! I discovered the WORLD of organising. I discovered that there are people around the world who love to use a planner to organise their daily life. I was hooked, instantly.

Now, 2015, I have managed to get organised again with the help of a planner. My twins turn 5 in January. It has taken a while but I’ve made it!!

Check her out, she is AMAZING!

/2.12.2015 outi


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