Can leather get any prettier than this?


These are my “autumnal” Filofaxes. I love the leather! I wish you could smell it ūüôā I use the month on 2 pages (upper right) to mark down the hours that I’ve done at work, appointments and other important things. On the lower left is the week on 2 pages. I use these pages to write down my to-do’s for the week/day and I usually write, with a few words, what happened that day. I’ve noticed that especially ever since having kids, the days just vanish… and I would like to remember the little things that happen.

FILOFAX Holborn wine, Malden Ochre

N√§m√§ viinin ja l√§mpim√§n ruskean v√§riset kalenterikannet ovat lempparit syksyll√§! Ne tuoksuvat aivan ihanalle nahkalle. Omistan “muutaman” t√§llaisen, n√§ita voi vaihtaa aivan kuten laukkuja tai kenki√§ – fiiliksen tai tilanteen mukaan. T√§ss√§ esimerkkej√§, miten pelkistettyj√§ valkoisia sivuja voi v√§h√§n kaunistella teipeill√§, tarroilla ja leimasimilla. Kuukausin√§kym√§√§n kirjoitan tehdyt ty√∂tunnit, tapaamiset, l√§√§k√§rik√§ynnit ym. N√§et koko kuukauden yhdell√§ silm√§yksell√§. Viikkosivulle (ala vasen) kirjoitan tarkemmin p√§iv√§kohtaisia juttuja, mit√§ pit√§√§ tehd√§ ja mit√§ muistaa. Kirjoitan my√∂s parilla sanalla mit√§ sin√§ p√§iv√§n√§ on tapahtunut. Huomaan sen, ett√§ lasten syntym√§n j√§lkeen p√§iv√§t vaan kuluvat mutta haluaisin muistaa my√∂s niit√§ pieni√§ asioita.


2 thoughts on “Can leather get any prettier than this?

    1. I know Kate! The Malden is so great! If you want, you can really stuff a lot in it. The leather can vary though. If you are able to buy online only, you don’t know what kind of product/leather you’ll get. My first Malden was a pocket purple though Amazon. I was a little disappointed, as the leather was dark, wrinkly and dry. Inside it was very beautiful. I treated it with leather products, held it a lot in my hands on purpose (the natural oils from your skin) and it’s now a lot better, smooth actually. One other bonus of the Malden is that it lays flat. I always go back to my Maldens ūüôā


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